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Old Brampton, Holymoorside, Cutthorpe, Ashgate, Wadshelf, Linacre

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The history of the ancient manor and parish and of the settlements included within its boundaries. That includes the Brampton area of Chesterfield.

While still new, this site already contains much information regarding the development of the communities of Old Brampton, Brampton, Ashgate, Cutthopre, Holymoorside, Linacre, and Wadshelf. There are growing collections of images, a still small but growing genealogy database, and interesting overviews of commerce, industry, transport etc. Growing collections of Memorial Inscriptions.

I am building a searchable database of those who are recorded as having lived and worked there. This differs from a conventional genealogy or family history study in that the individuals are not forcibly linked by family ties. Though inevitably many will be. Their one point in common is that they have contributed in some way to the life of these communities.

Martin J Mosley


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1 Jul 2014

Brampton One-Place Study

Registered with the Register of One-Place Studies